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You can help save a Great Lakes fish by buying a “release” license for ten dollars

How you ask?

By making a donation of ten dollars you can support the work of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and Great Lakes United, two charities devoted to reviving and protecting the Great Lakes bioregion and its fish stocks. As well, your donation will promote bio-regional eco-literacy through the mailing of a crafted fish to a school within the Great Lakes region thereby extending the educational value of FishNet.

If you would like to make a donation to support these combined efforts simply click the donations button. To release more than one fish multiply the number of fish you wish to release by $10.00 and enter this number as your donation amount.

Donations over a certain amount will receive a tax receipt mailed to you by the donor charities. *Tax receipts are available and will be mailed to you by the donor charities. Thank-you for your generous support you have now turned a crafted fish into a real one.

Charities Information

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
Great Lakes United